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In 1990, the Saddlery was bustling with business, but there was a sense that they could do even more. With all manufacturing conducted in-house, the team began exploring the potential of soft plastics and other materials that could be produced using the same equipment.

By the year 2000, James Stewart had introduced PVC and canvas material products to the range, which were soon being produced in large quantities. From custom boat covers in Mangawhai to industrial tank covers bound for Fiji, the range expanded rapidly.

However, the growth proved too much for the existing building to handle, prompting a move to a new, purpose-built factory in 2003. This new facility provided a staggering 10 times the amount of space, allowing for even greater manufacturing capabilities.

In 2010, James’ three sons had all graduated from school and were eager to take on the world. As a result, the Saddlery side of the business was sold off, and the company was renamed Canvas Plus Limited, with a renewed focus on PVC and canvas manufacturing.

The year 2015 saw the birth of HUSHTEC®, a new range of noise mitigation products that were crafted thanks to Kiwi ingenuity and a request for a noise-compliant solution. This innovative product range has since helped countless projects to meet strict noise level regulations.

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