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Our factory dividers are just one example of the reliable and high-quality products available within our CPL Group range.
Each product we supply is designed for optimal performance, strength, and durability, using only the finest PVC materials available.

Our extensive experience in providing PVC room divider solutions across a diverse range of industries means we can provide you with expert advice on the right solution for your specific needs.

We take pride in our industry reputation and maintain the highest quality standards with rigorous quality control and customer service procedures.

Our range of PVC factory dividers is versatile and can be used in various applications. Among our product options are swing doors and large sheet curtains that we can tailor to your specific needs. This means that we can supply you with factory dividers in any size or layout you require.

  • Our consultancy and in-house design team of the 3rd generation has over 90 years of collective experience, ready to support you in fulfilling your project requirements.

  • Each of our Factory Dividers is custom-made, providing a wider range of options and greater flexibility in product design and specifications.

  • Our temporary partitions are designed to prevent cross-contamination from dust, fumes, and odors, making them ideal for creating a barrier around construction sites.

  • Our factory dividers are designed to reduce noise levels in the workplace and help you meet industry regulations. Keep your workplace compliant and your employees safe with our high-quality products.

  • PVC Dividers are specifically engineered for use as dividing walls in industrial buildings, providing the most effective solution for partitioning large spaces.

  • Optimize your business’s profitability by maximizing the use of space within your building and enhancing working conditions for your employees.

  • Significantly reduce your energy expenses and carbon footprint by heating only the required section of your factory or warehouse.

  • With our factory divers, you can help keep contamination at bay, reducing the risk of product contamination, product recalls, and other issues that can damage your reputation and bottom line.

By using the CPL Factory Divers you can create:

  • Transparent Screening and walling systems
  • Contamination control dividers
  • Food-grade Transparent walls/ dividers and rooms
  • Walk through fly and insect strip screen doorways
  • Containment and Isolation rooms - Both for temporary and permanent usage.
Key Features:
  • High-quality materials for superior containment

  • Customisable configurations to suit painting requirements

  • Easy installation and repositioning for flexibility

  • Enhanced safety and environmental protection

  • Compatibility with various hangar setups and designs

  • Controlled painting environments for precise results

  • Minimised environmental impact and contamination risk

  • Improved air quality within maintenance facilities

  • Reduced cleanup time and cost

  • Versatile application for diverse painting projects

However, our factory dividers provide additional advantages over traditional partition walls, such as:

Cost-effectiveness:Our factory dividers are a more affordable solution than building a partition wall. They are also quicker to install, minimizing downtime in your facility.

Flexibility:Our factory dividers are not fixed structures, meaning you can easily move or adjust them as your facility’s needs change.

This allows for greater flexibility in your operations.

Customizability: We can customize our factory dividers to fit any space, shape, or size requirements. This makes them a versatile solution for various facilities.

Durability: Our factory dividers are made from high-quality materials, making them durable and able to withstand harsh conditions.

This means they will last longer and require less maintenance than traditional partition walls.


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