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Maintain Water Health and Preserve Ecosystems with CPL Group's Specialized Silt Curtains and Turbidity Barriers

At CPL Group, we take pride in providing specialized silt curtains that play a crucial role in maintaining the health and balance of water bodies. Our Turbidity barriers and silt curtains are ingeniously designed barriers, meticulously crafted to control sediment dispersion and ensure a cleaner, safer aquatic environment.

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Whether you are involved in construction, dredging, or any other project near water bodies, CPL Group is your reliable partner for sediment control solutions. Let’s work together to make a positive difference for our water bodies and the planet.

Take the first step towards responsible sediment control – contact CPL Group today and explore the possibilities for a cleaner aquatic environment!

Sediment Control Made Easy
Our silt curtains act as powerful guardians, efficiently trapping and containing silt and sediment particles suspended in the water. By doing so, we prevent these harmful particles from spreading into nearby ecosystems, safeguarding marine life and preserving the natural beauty of our waterways.

Versatile Applications
Our silt curtains find their way into various sectors, including construction, dredging, and environmental protection projects. Their versatility makes them an essential tool for promoting water clarity, complying with regulatory requirements, and fostering sustainable practices in aquatic projects.

General Advice When Installing and Using a Silt Curtain

  • Silt Curtain barriers are for the trapping of sediment caused by a worksite. They are not suitable for use as a dam in a body of water. As a result, significant care should be taken if installing across the flow of water, particularly if the body of water has a fast flow rate.
  • In bodies of water that fluctuate, such as in a river or in the sea, make sure you take into account the difference in water levels and other expected fluctuations when deciding on the type and length of barriers to use. In many situations, it is recommended to add up to 20 percent to the measured length, although this depends on site and water conditions.
  • To minimise strain on the curtains, particularly in moving water, they should be installed parallel to the flow of water.
  • Individual curtains can be joined to achieve the desired length.
  • It is essential the curtains are properly secured, either on the land or in the water. The effectiveness of the barrier will be greatly reduced if it is not well secured.
  • Compliance with regulations

  • Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance while in place

  • Can be fully customised for whatever depth or length you need

  • Improved water clarity

  • Reduced project delays

  • Improve marine life health


The barriers that we manufacture and supply are designed specifically for use in sensitive freshwater and marine environments. The aim is to protect the natural environment and ecosystem of the water while allowing work to continue on the site. Sediment and pollutants created by the worksite are contained by the barrier, preventing damage to the surrounding water and habitats.

We offer a range of solutions according to your requirements, including floating barriers and staked barriers. This means you’ll be able to find the right barrier to ensure you stay within the environmental consent requirements of your project or site.


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